Create Selfie Videos For Youtube – Teleprompter App 2021

Create Selfie Videos For Youtube – Teleprompter App 2021

Even though the Teleprompter App by dates back to 2017, the new design would make it look like a new app to an existing user.

For one, it is ergonomic with all the features within easy access inside a single screen. Here it is, in action:

Other notable features include:

  1. Support for multiple script file types, not just text.
  2. A movable script box that can be dragged to any location within the app window, and also resized.
  3. An afterimage effect upon the pausation (interesting word) of recording, so that the user can realign themselves when resuming, and create the illusion of continuity.
  4. And now this feature sets it apart from other teleprompter apps, and in fact places it in the category of video makers. Being able to add multimedia items during recording, and to seemingly interact with those multimedia items, though in a limited sense, during the video.
    This would be accomplished in the following steps:
  • Pause recording;
  • Upload a video or create an image using the app’s advanced image editor;
  • Choose the location of the embed;
  • Resuming of recording (after realignment with the afterimage);
  • Pointing the finger to the direction of the embed, or showing some other type of awareness of it.

Keyword research indicates that searches where the word teleprompter are becoming more popular. This could be because of increased interest in prominent leaders using these tools to appear more articulate, or more people wishing to use one of those tools in order to gain exposure on Youtube and similar platforms.

The Teleprompter App overdelivers by providing real-time video editing for the production of more compelling videos.

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