How To Split Text Into Sentences In C#

As a programmer, I can recall countless instances where I had to split a chunk of text into its constituent sentences and do it efficiently.

Using the Split method of Regex was not an option because Regex is inefficient.

string[] sentences = Regex.Split(text, @"(?<=[\.!\?:…\r\n])\s+"); // Slow

The Split method of String met my efficiency requirements, but that did not seem like an option because it eliminated the punctuation marks.

string[] sentences = text.Split(new char[] { '.', '!', '?', ':', '…', '\r', '\n' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries); // Trims punctuation marks (not cool)

In other words, assuming the following value for text…

string text = "My name is John. What is your name? Show me the time? It is 9:48PM. Okay, bye now!";

The Split method of String returns:

sentences[0] = "My name is John";
sentences[1] = "What is your name"; // and so on

It goes without saying that terminal punctuation marks like period (.), an exclamation mark (!), question mark (?), colon (:), optionally semi-colon (;), an ellipsis (…), and preferably newline (\n), are the delimiters used by the Split methods to determine the sentence boundaries. The problem with the preferred Split method, of class String, is that it eliminates the delimiters.

It turns out there is a clever way, as of yet unstated in Stack Overflow, for splitting text in a way that is both fast and viable. It involves usage of the StringBuilder class.

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(text);
sb.Replace(". ", ".$$$").Replace("! ", "!$$$").Replace("? ", "?$$$").Replace(": ", ":$$$").Replace("; ", ";$$$").Replace("… ", "…$$$").Replace("\r\n", "\r\n$$$").Replace("\r", "\r$$$").Replace("\n", "\n$$$");

Here, as can be seen, the delimiter is not just the punctuation mark, but the punctuation mark followed by a whitespace character. This is important as we do not want an acronym, or the typical time format, where hours, minutes and seconds are separated by colon, to be split into segments. The whitespace following the punctuation mark is then replaced with a “code string”, in this case, 3 successive dollar signs.

Now we can use the Split method of String to split our StringBuilder converted to string…

string[] sentences = sb.ToString().Split("$$$", StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

… and we don’t care that the Split method of String eliminates the delimiter because we want the 3-dollar sign delimiter eliminated. That’s how easy and fast it is to divide text into sentences.

How can I split a text into sentences?

I have a text file. I need to get a list of sentences. How can this be implemented? There are a lot of subtleties, such as a dot being used in abbreviations.

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