Introducing SpeechToDoc Pro – Speech To Text App for Windows 10

Introducing SpeechToDoc Pro – Speech To Text App for Windows 10

SpeechToDoc Pro is a lightweight speech to text app for Windows 10, and soon Windows 11, that became available on the Windows Store in October of 2020. What is special about it besides being nearly 100% accurate, is its diverse collection of voice commands for editing and the production of visually rich text. Here it is in action:

Users want convenience. Convenience in a speech to text app means accuracy and not having to correct errors, or at least not having to do it frequently, and certainly not having to do it by typing.

When a speech to text app requires of its user to switch between talking and typing, it becomes an energy-draining app. It also defeats the reason for its existence which was to free the user from typing.

Even though the editor of SpeechToDoc Pro is writable, unlike the one in SpeechToText Pro, which is read-only, having the freedom to interact with this editor using the mouse and keyboard, or touch, is a feature that the user may never use. That is because the words never use in the previous sentence can be deleted with “Delete never use”, or with “Select never use” [Pause] “Delete”, or “Select use” [Pause] “need”, in case ‘use’ should be changed to ‘need’.

When a speech to text app for Windows 10 offers an abundance of voice commands that let a user make changes in more than one ways, that speech to text app offers flexibility and redundancy. Usually, this more than makes up for the less-than-100% accuracy that is inherent in all speech recognition. SpeechToDoc Pro offers a lot of redundancy, especially in the ways text can be selected. Selection is the standard method in text editors for identifying text that is meant to be modified. SpeechToDoc Pro offers an impressive selection of voice commands for modifying text too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Currently, there are several speech to text apps on the Windows Store. SpeechToText Pro produces text files. SpeechToDoc Pro can generate files of type doc, rtf, html, pdf and txt. It also has about 100 voice commands.

To activate speech-to-text dictation in a Windows 10 device, press the Windows key plus H. This will activate Cortana which will launch a small box, and begin listening and start converting your words into text as you speak them into the microphone. If they are a voice command, it will execute the voice command.

  1. SpeechToDoc Pro (Windows 10)
  2. Dragon by Nuance (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows)
  3. Gboard (Android, iOS)
  4. Google Docs Voice Typing (Web)
  5. ListNote (Android)
  6. Speech Recogniser (iOS)
  7. Windows 10 Speech Recognition (Windows)

You can activate speech to text on Microsoft Word through the “Dictate” feature. With this feature, you can type with your own voice. When you use Dictate, say “new line” to create a new paragraph. To add punctuation, simply pronounce the punctuation out loud, for example “comma” or “period”.

SpeechToDoc Pro is currently the best speech-to-text app for Windows 10. Not only is it highly accurate, with over 100 voice commands, it is the most versatile. A user has full control over voice typing. It also produces visually rich text that can be opened by Microsoft Word. It is almost free.

Here is a Support Email sent to a customer, recently:

Dear John,

For SpeechToDoc Pro to work, certain conditions need to be set:

1) The host computer must be connected to the internet because SpeechToDoc Pro relies on Microsoft’s cloud-based speech services online.

2) A sensitive, USB microphone should be used as those are better suited for speech-to-text software than the microphones that are built-into computers.

3) Online Speech Recognition needs to be switched on. To do this, please launch the Settings app (cogwheel icon) of Windows 10, from the main screen click Privacy (lock symbol), choose Speech from the left menu, and switch online speech recognition to on.

4) The app has a recognized bug. Sometimes, returning to the Home tab from the Format tab, will cause speech recognition not to work. To work around this until the next update, please define your settings in the Format screen, close the app, and restart the app without going back to the Format screen.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Best Regards,

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