Samsung Health Is Now Part Of The Device Settings On The Galaxy Watch 4, And There’s A Lot More…

Samsung Health Is Now Part Of The Device Settings On The Galaxy Watch 4, And There’s A Lot More…

Also referred to as the OTA patch, the first post-launch update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic is now rolling out, and it is introducing Samsung Health, among other things, into the device’s Settings section. Samsung Health is more than an overrated calory and step tracker. It can help you gain valuable insights on your body composition, sleep data, nutrition, and more.

This is firmware version R8**XXU1BUH9, and it is already rolling out for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, according to TizenHelp. In addition to Samsung Health, it will add major improvements to the Settings menu. Although the software comes pre-installed, unlike prior generations of Tizen-powered Galaxy watches, you can’t find or adjust individual Samsung Health data through the Settings app. In that aspect, this upgrade delivers functionality parity with older devices.

While that is a significant improvement, you can now deactivate automatic workout detection with a new toggle that will stop any recognized workouts. Volume controls have also been added to the quick Settings page, making it much easier to modify device audio levels.

The final new feature in the 300MB update package is workout and calorie tracking when performing particular cycling workouts, as well as general stability and performance enhancements.

If you own a Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic, you should be able to get the OTA update with the new Samsung Health section in Settings, as well as other features, in European and American regions.

Is Samsung Health app any good?

Samsung Health is loaded with features, many of which will prove useful to most people, and others to only the most dedicated. And the best part: it’s not just available for Samsung phones. Samsung Health is more than just an overrated step or calorie tracker.

Is Samsung Health available for iPhone?

To use Samsung Health with an iPhone, you’ll need to own one of Samsung’s fitness bands or smartwatches. Currently, Samsung offers a Gear S app and a Gear Fit app in the App Store. … Inside each app is Samsung Health, where you can view your fitness stats.

What’s more accurate Google Fit or Samsung Health?

In a comparison test, the starting step count in Google Fit was 470, while it was 461 in Samsung Health. The final step count in both was 1047. That means Samsung Health recorded 9 steps more than Google Fit.

Can Samsung Health track food?

Samsung Health can help you record daily food intake, and set healthy eating goals. The Samsung Health app allows you to keep a food diary, showing you the calorie and nutritional breakdown, as well as attaining healthy eating goals.

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