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There is a Great Speech To Text App for Windows 11 that is not Overpriced!

SpeechToText Pro was first published in 2016, and was always a good speech to text app. But because of recent enhancements in its user interface and performance, SpeechToText Pro is now a great speech to text app that should not be absent from the Windows 11 task bar of any user who is serious about creating content fast, for personal or professional reasons. There are other speech to text apps on the Windows Store, of course, but the ones that do similar things tend to cost as much as hundreds of dollars. Why pay more?

What does SpeechToText Pro do?

SpeechToText Pro does more than converting spoken words into text. Depending on whether it is used in Note or Document mode, it understands 40 or 60 voice commands, respectively, that empower the user with full control over the presentation of the generated content, while the hands are kept free.

When in Note mode, the voice commands are limited to selecting, editing and deleting text.

Document mode makes it possible to create complex documents that can be logically structured with chapters and sections, and can contain paragraphs, ordered or unordered lists, multi-lists, tables and pictures. In other words, this speech to text app for Windows 11 makes it possible to create an entire eBook using voice alone. Because a complex document needs to be navigated and must support rich text, this mode has includes more voice commands than Note mode.

How accurate is SpeechToText Pro?

When a high quality USB microphone is plugged into the system on which SpeechToText Pro is installed, this speech to text app for Windows 11 and 10 performs at near 100% accuracies. The exact percentage values are displayed in the status bar along the lower edge of the app window.

If a word is misinterpreted, it can be corrected easily using more than one voice commands. In most cases, an editing operation can be performed in more than one ways because extra voice commands were included for freer expression.

At the core of SpeechToText Pro is a speech recognizer that is powered by neural networks and becomes more accurate as it accumulates more experience.

Is SpeechToText Pro faster than typing?

SpeechToText Pro performs reliably at the rate of natural speech, which for fluent speakers ranges from 100 to 130 words per minute. This would make it faster than typing.

What makes SpeechToText Pro unique?

One great feature of SpeechToText Pro is that when in listening mode, it stays in that mode even when speech is absent. It will not stop listening if you stop speaking to it. The only way to make it stop listening is to explicitly click the Microphone button when it is blue. If you leave it on while you go for lunch, and come back half an hour later, it will continue responding to your statements. This way, if you encounter writer’s block, you don’t have to feel pressured to come up with the next sentence faster than you’d prefer.

Another great feature is that, when in Document mode, it displays the entire document structure as a tree, and the highlighted element on the tree as the editor. This way, the user stays focused on a small block of text, such as a paragraph or table. He or she, however, is always free to navigate to another element on the tree using the Go Up or Go Down voice commands. The Move Up and Move Down commands can be used for jumping to the closest text fields within the editor.

SpeechToText Pro also offers the ability to associate an inconvenient segment of text – such as a difficult-to-pronounce name, formatted phone number, or email signature – with a word or phrase. These are the Shortcuts of SpeechToText Pro. This way, the user can say “longest city name”, and SpeechToText Pro will print “llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch”.

Who uses SpeechToText Pro?

SpeechToText Pro is great for authors, content creators, and students. It can also be used by persons with certain learning or medical disabilities. SpeechToText Pro is for everyone.

What makes SpeechToText Pro stand apart from other speech recognition software?

It offers 60 voice commands for navigation, selection, editing, formatting, and punctuation. Making corrections on the generated content is easy and natural. The commands are editable and can be associated with multiple keywords for flexibility and convenience. The interface is fluid and responsive. The creation of shortcuts, which permit the association of a word or phrase with a much longer segment of text, is also supported.

How much does SpeechToText Pro cost?

SpeechToText Pro can be tried for 24-hours, and then purchased for less than $10, making it one of the most reasonably priced speech to text apps for Windows 11 and 10 in the Windows App Store. continually improves SpeechToText Pro. It is highly recommended that you watch through the video tutorials during the trial period as not doing so may cause you to miss important features. To request a feature, to report a bug, or say “thank you”, please send an email to

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  1. agen judi kbo77

    Thank you for your article sir. One issue I am having with Google’s speech recognition engine is that it won’t allow me to insert any special characters like the dash, ampersand, or slash for example. It simply writes the words out. For example, I would say “add ampersand” or “insert ampersand” or simply “ampersand” and it will write out the words rather than insert the character. The commands from Google speech recognition do not work with LilySpeech, and I don’t see a manual of instructions anywhere on the website. This app is great.

    1. MichaelPsyllakis

      Exactly! What good is accuracy if you can’t instruct your speech-to-text app to do certain things such as insert text, delete text, or edit text. Luckily, SpeechToText Pro is both accurate and supports 60 voice commands for full control over the presentation of the text generated. Thanks for the comment!

  2. casino ae888

    I purchased Speechtotext Pro just recently and down just beginning to learn. All I will take a look at ever ever oh. Can you signed it can you send the text to a printer? Thank you

    1. MichaelPsyllakis

      You can definitely send your generated content to the printer. Thanks for purchasing!

  3. Macau88

    i’m looking for a program to use speech to text out of my headset when i’m messaging people. what can i use? i drive a truck for work and it’s really loud so it can’t really hear me speaking out to my phone .

  4. Qqslot88

    Thank you for the article. Does this app help Spanish-speakers? Any info Will help. Thumbs up!

    1. MichaelPsyllakis

      It certainly does. Click Start -> Settings -> Time & Language -> Language in your Windows 10 or 11 system. Under Preferred Languages, click Add a language, and choose your preferred dialect. As of now, only Spanish (Mexico) and Spanish (Spain) support speech recognition.

  5. Thank you so much, I am disabled and can’t use the keyboard, I’ve been looking for an app that I could use, and Speech To Text Pro is the best. Much appreciated

    1. MichaelPsyllakis

      We are thrilled to read that SpeechToText Pro helps you do an important task better! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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