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Who We Are

We are a cross-platform mobile app development company founded in 2016. We create native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile applications for the Android, Windows, iOS, and Web platforms. Our team of developers have strong technical backgrounds and expertise in algorithms, user interface design, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Our Services

Windows Application Development

With our Top-notch expertise in UWP and WPF, we can now deliver next generation apps for Windows 11 and 10 with the WinUI 3 framework.

Android App Development

Our knowledge and expertise in Android Mobile Development, and our strong Kotlin and Java development experience, can deliver feature-rich Android apps for Real Estate, Finance, Healthcare, just to name a few verticals.

iOS App Development

We can also build premium mobile apps for the iPhone and all iOS devices, using the Xcode integrated development environment, Objective-C, and Swift.

Cross-Platform App Development

Or maybe you would rather that we rapidly prototype, test, and deploy cross-platform apps that run on Android, iOS, Windows, and the Web, while delivering that native user experience.

React Native App Development

As React specialists, we can also create complex user interfaces for mobile apps and websites.

Blockchain Development

Our blockchain development services can ensure the adoption of this secure and decentralized technology for a wide range of business applications including order tracking, supply chain management, finance, insurance, and just about any kind of business enterprise.


SpeechToText Pro by HasFocus.com

SpeechToText Pro

Windows App Development

With SpeechToText Pro, you can speak a complex document into existence. Use 60 voice commands to navigate the document structure, and to populate it with paragraphs, tables, lists, and pictures.

Teleprompter App

Windows App Development

Grow on Youtube, or other video platform, with the Teleprompter App. Create face videos and let your audience assume you are a topic expert as they hear your narration or read the it in graphically rich text.

DSP Algorithms

Algorithm Development

Learn signal and image processing concepts through software. Demos include signal and noise generation, FIR and IIR filtering, adaptive filtering, FFT and IFFT, image compression & recovery, and various 2-D convolution techniques.